Born from the need to increase the offer of technological services, the division @ Com is the new reality of services designed for business communication in the era of multimedia, multi-task and multi-channel. A quality control for a well done website, technologically modern and visible on all platforms, including mobile, always well positioned on search engines. Because the company which challenges an increasingly complex and competitive market needs to be able to communicate with customers, suppliers and all means of communication. To be the focus of attention and take every opportunity to highlight its brand.

It is to increase the turnover of your company. Building on established contacts, and acquiring new ones, using simple and targeted language for any commercial goal. Increasing the visibility and business horizons and thus the ability to sell brands and products, through effective and fast technological tools. Using simple ideas and consolidated creativity in marketing to achieve success into global communication dynamics.

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A good multi-media kit is essential for every company, but limited if not properly accessible by the business partners and potential customers. The set of sites, web and mobile applications, represent the business card of your business. The card, however, must always be updated in a timely manner communicating the successes in the professional activity carried out by the company.
Services such as press agency, public relations and multimedia services (photos, video and interactive presentations, as well as event planning and advert creativity), have become accessible and professionally essential tools to distinguish from competitors. A final push to consolidate the leadership in the trading sector, increasing the quality and production standards of the offer. A communication aiming to the chosen goals, promoting the business in extra sectors, to reach more various costumers.
Only after careful analysis of internal resources, management and production capacity of the company, it is possible to build a traditional communication campaign and / or integrated with media tools, strong and impactful, effective and profitable for the company. The opportunity to raise the company profile in the local market, gradually expanding the boundaries of their commercial interaction, keeping a client a faithful customer and ensuring the proliferation of important new contacts and synergies. That is, a structured and professional service to reach new market shares, and thus earn more.



If your goal is to achieve constant results and quality in online sales, Phaser Design can help you to set up your electronic commerce activities in the best way. Or can guide you to increase the performance of your existing e-commerce site.
E-commerce is the most tangible – and measurable – business opportunity offered by the web.
The signals of the online market, year after year, are increasingly encouraging. Buying on the Internet itself is a widespread habit, both among consumers (B2C e-commerce) and among companies (B2B e-commerce), which find on the web a growing offer of products suitable to their needs. For manufacturers and distributors there are a lot of opportunities to be seized, if faced with adequate tools.


Consultancy and projects of Web identity.
Identity is a key element of any business: how is the company perceived by the market? By acquired customers and potential ones? By collaborators and partners? Checking out your identity, both offline and on the web means to communicate coherently with your own strategy and to do business in the best way.
What is the web identity? Web users learn about and identify your company (its values, objectives) through a set of symbols, graphics, images, messages.
These and other digital elements make up the structure of web identity, or the way your company is perceived by web users.
Web Identity: Enter the users’ mind.
A distinct identity, effective and coherent with the soul of the company is an investment that has always a feedback, especially on the web.
To be recognized on the market, be ‘remembered’, be identified and perceived in the right way is now the most important resource to compete.
An unresolved, inexpressive or contradictory company identity, not only does not help, but it is counterproductive. Especially on the Web, where a wrong company image can cause incalculable damages, because at the disposal of potentially unlimited audience.
Our task is to work on the company’s web identity. We work to build, renovate or improve the way companies introduce themselves on the online market, focusing on the redefinition of the factors that influence the users’ rating.



to maximize the investments in online advertising you need a customized web marketing plan .
Phaser Design programs the presences and manages the activities needed to affirm the presence on web of your company.
Starting from a systematic analysis of your needs, Phaser Design will be able to introduce you to a web-based marketing project on 5 focus:

– Establish strategic goals
– Explore your target market
– Define a sustainable investment plan
– Select and integrate the tools
– Monitor the results and continuously improve campaigns
Google ads, advertising banner, link building, Facebook campaigns, newsletters: are just some of the tools we use to promote your company’s visibility on the web.
We deal with tailor made web marketing: studying your needs, monitoring your competitors, defining a plan of shared activities.
We know the market of digital communication and we can select the most suitable context in which to promote your brand.
Our approach to web marketing consulting, based on analysis and planning, will help us to understand your needs and properly set the activities of web promotion of your company.