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Passion for innovation

Founded in 1998 Phaser Design Ltd works in the multimedia production and IT consultancy field.
It works in harness with its customers offering integrated technological solutions to add value to their business and for the establishment and strengthening of the company image.


Phaser Design offers to its customers a wide range of customized solutions, technologically innovative and easily spreadable through the Internet and / or digital media.
Technological innovation makes available various possibilities, but they are not always functional to the goals that the company wants to achieve.
Phaser Design can help the customer who wishes to do on-line business to select them, to make them operational, to monitor the usefulness and effectiveness but above all to integrate with each other and with the rest of the company’s activities, according to a perspective that considers the Internet and new communication technologies essential in the reconfiguration of the concept of business strategy.
Since 2000, the partnership with Lightweb has allowed the development of predictive rendering and lighting design, adopting an innovative business model that combines advanced managerial solutions peculiar to an Internet company, to a solid background of knowledge in the field of web design, 3D design, multimedia communications and information technology.

Phaser Design Ltd is an accredited supplier registered in the “Public list of 4.0 service and technology providers” available on the website Unioncamere Lombardia.

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